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Cookie Policy

The website of Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) Ireland Ltd uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience. If you continue to access this website we will consider that you consent to the use of cookies.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your machine to help this site provide a better user experience. Cookies retain user preferences and store information for things like shopping carts.

How Rapid Prompting Method Ireland Ltd uses cookies?

We use cookies to learn how visitors to our website interact with our website so we can deliver a better service and so we can provide better information relevant to our visitors. We also use cookies to improve the operation and presentation of our website. This includes tracking our use of fonts, caching pages and identifying potential errors.

Privacy Statement

Rapid Prompting Method Ireland Ltd is a charity with it’s head office at Carn Hill, Callow, Foxford, Co Mayo. Please email info@rpmireland.com about any concerns you may have in regard to the processing of personal data on this website.

RPM Ireland uses a secure payment service with Paypal.com to process all donations through our website and RPM Ireland Ltd does not store or retain credit card details of customers who make donations through this site.

We do not pass any customer information to third parties, this information is for record keeping purposes for RPM Ireland Ltd.