Differences Between RPM & Facilitated Communication

Differences Between RPM & Facilitated Communication

Dr Jean M Novak, a professor at the San Jose State University, recently compiled a document that aims to clarify issues and debunk misconceptions about Rapid Prompting Method. The aim of the document is to start a healthy conversation with professionals about the...

Ireland Autism Awareness Week

A couple weeks ago (while in Ireland) were presented with the opportunity to speak to Angelina Nugent from Midwest Radio, regarding Autism Awareness Day.

Fiacre Ryan To Feature In RTE Documentary

Last week the Western People featured an article about one of our students, Fiacre Ryan. Fiacre is autistic and is non verbal and just over 5 years ago, RPM was introduced in the his life. Fiacre and his family have seen huge benefits since. You can read the full...