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Unfortunately, we are winding up RPM Ireland. This website will be taken down on the 12 March 2020. Thank you for your support over the past number of years. 

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What is Rapid Prompting Method?

The Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) is an academic teaching method that can lead to communication for non-verbal persons with Autism and similar disorders and assist people with limited verbal communication. The goal of each session is to bring each student to their maximum learning potential. This is achieved by finding their open learning channel (ex. visual or auditory) at that given time and providing them with an appropriate mode of response. During each session, the teacher aims to stimulate left-brain learning focusing on learning despite a students behavior. Through the use of writing choices, stencil boards, laminated letter boards and eventually a keyboard and/or handwriting, RPM initially uses prompting to initiate a student’s independent response without physical support.

RPM is primarily a parent and child programme. The parents in Ireland who are using RPM have tried a wide range of other therapies, with limited results. They overwhelmingly agree that no other method has achieved anywhere near the progress that they have experienced with RPM. There are families all over   Ireland using RPM through our organisation, and many more on our waiting list. The various schools of these students are also using RPM, including special schools, post primary schools, autism units, mainstream schools and adult autism services. There is no age limit for people using RPM as learning is a life long skill. Read More>>>>

RPM explained by founder Soma Mukhopadhyay

Our Mission

Rapid Prompting Method is a method of education for persons with autism which can lead to communication. It is our aim to raise awareness of the RPM method, and to provide information, support and expert training to families, schools and other professionals, through Soma certified facilitators, at workshops throughout Ireland. It is our hope that RPM will become available to all who would benefit from it.

Some quotes from Ireland’s RPM Trailblazers:

You may think having Autism makes me sad but I am very happy with my life. My family cares for me so much and I am so thankful.

Adam Galvin

Move perceptions. Reality is RPM promises to each real hope. Your belief must free new voices.

Cian Cotter

It’s not great to be really quiet because you don’t have a way to communicate.  I think that having a way to communicate is so important. It is wonderful to be able to get my thoughts out.

Darragh Kiernan

I feel it necessary to share my thoughts with the world today. Just a short time ago I would have been considered dumb by many. The one thing that saved me was finding my voice with RPM. Keeping silent is not easy, but having a voice in any way is a voice to be heard. Believe!

Fiacra Ryan

Ido’s Autism Society Speech

Ido Kedar – Author & Blogger

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